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"Alicia is a real pro. She navigated us through a difficult real estate transaction and knew how to handle every issue. I would not have been able to complete this purchase without her local market knowledge and expertise in non-traditional (earthship style) homes."   -- Liz


"Full disclosure, Alicia is a friend of many years. Having said that, I know several realtors but chose Alicia because of her dynamic enthusiasm that she puts into every facet of her life... She is a "personality plus"!  I listed four acres of land that I had been trying to sell on my own for two years, and Alicia had it sold in a matter of a few months. She found the buyer while skiing, showed my land and stayed on top of all the details until the deal was done. I would highly recommend Alicia ;-) "   -- Paul


"I just love Alicia. I told her what I wanted, she searched and searched until she found what I wanted and at the price I wanted. She answered all my questions and explained the process in a way that a novice could understand. I have recommended her to others."

-- Tomas

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