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It's easy being green!

What do we mean by that?  Well, unlike Kermit the Frog who sang "It isn't easy being green", Taos Sage believes it IS easy being green for two reasons.        First, it's less effort . In New Mexico, where we get 300+ days of sun a year it's possible   to rely on the sun for heat, either partially by orienting a home for passive solar gain, or completely, by using solar hot water radiant heat instead of propane or in the technology of an Earthship  (which I 

live in, more on that here.)  Secondly, it's more economical in the long

run. While there might be more upfront costs of solar electricity or

a windmill, in the long run it pays for itself  and/or reduces your

monthly bills. Ultimately, it just feels good to be green and get 

your energy from the sun and wind! 

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